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Title Alzheimer’s Transgenic Mouse Model’s Hormonal Stress Response to Predator Odor

Presentation Watch the research video

Mentor Drs. Breanna Harris & Paul Soto
Biological Sciences, Texas Tech University

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  • Will this research be used to help drive Alzheimers medical developements in humans?

  • for the stressor I and II how long are the exposed to this? why is there no test at 76 weeks old? 

  • Very interesting research! Any updates since this was filmed? I would love to hear how your results compared to your predictions!

  • How long are the mice stressed? Is there a minimum amount of time that the mice need to be stressed when implementing each stressor? You mentioned that when Ghrelin is administered in the mice the cognitive and memory performance increases but you also mentioned that Ghrelin level increase after stress testing which lowered cognitive abilities. Would Ghrelin have an overall positive effect on the mice after a certain concentration or a specific concentration range, not just a negative effect due to the stress alone?

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