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Title Crocodiles: Who’s related to who?

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Mentor Dr. David Ray
Biological Sciences, Texas Tech University

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  • Hi Zach,

    For the jumping genes, do you commercially order them or do does/has your lab manually created them?

  • I feel that this will have a strong impact on the future of how scientists classify species under the phylogentic species concept.

  • what is the efficiency of the new program versus doing PCR in the jumping gene? are they other application for this new program? 

  • Other than the conservation aspect that you spoke of, what are some of the other applications that this research could be used for? Could you possibly evaluate past adaptations and predict future ones?

  • Really cool project! Which class of jumping genes where you studying in your lab? Were they specific to crocodiles?

  • Do you think that the rate of mutation affects how difficult it is to trace back ancestors? Is there a point where the jumping genes mutate so much that it is no longer possible to determine the original sequence of the jumping gene?

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