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Title Gulf Killifish Invade the Pecos River

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Mentor Dr. Allison Pease
Natural Resources Management, Texas Tech University

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  • Other than the introduction of natural predators, how can we control the population of gulf killifish, and besides out-competition of local speciaes, what long term threats do they pose?

  • Hi Jesus!  I asked this question at the forum and can't quite remember what you said.  I was wondering if there are any natural predators to the gulf killifish?  If so, would introducing them into the river reduce/eliminate the problem without creating an entirely new one?

  • Hi Jesus,

    At what point would fisheries managers intervene to mitigate harm done by the invading gulf killifish and what might those interventions look like? 

  • Does the bioenergetics model categorize the damage done by the killifish (mild, moderate, severe)? Has the drop in water quality and increased pollution also affected the killifish or has it had a greater impact on the native fish population?

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