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Title Identifying Microorganism Biodiversity in West Texas Vineyards

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Mentor Dr. Marie Bugarel
Animal and Food Sciences, Texas Tech University

Paper Ascencio, L, & Bugarel, M. (2018). Texas wines. Proceedings of the 50th Annual Conference of West Texas Sommoliers.

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  • Interesting topic! In regards to collecting the yeast from several different places in the vineyards, what area did you find the most yeast and/or the most variability of species of yeast?

  • Great discussion! I was wondering do you plan to expand samples from farther than west Texas? 

  • Is there a correlation between strain and taste? if you took West Texas yeast vs Napa, French and Italian yeasts and used west Texas grapes as a control, would there be a difference and how would you measure it?

  • How do some of these West Texas strains compare to the strains found in Napa Valley or Italy? Do you see any overlap or all unique strains?

  • Given that the end of this project is to find a local strain of yeast that could be used for the fermentation process of wine, what do you think are the benefits of a local yeast strain as opposed to a european strain that is genetically modified to grow in west texas?

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