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Title The Man with the Golden Gun

Presentation Watch the research video

Mentor Dr. Michelle Pantoya
Mechanical Engineering, Texas Tech University

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  • It is such an interesting topic. I have a question about your lab setting. Would the data be different if the experiments take place in a larger space rather than a small chamber? Since in real life, firing a gun would rarely happen in such a small space. 

  • This was so cool. I have always thought of combustion to be the simple act of burning things, but this lab incorporates energy and velocity in their experiment which gave me a new perspective. 

  • Does this research have applications other than defence industry?

    • Understanding the ways that aluminum reacts under all types of stresses gives valuable insight into possible optimizations. Metal fuels as an energy source has always been a topic of discussion, the main problem is that metal fuel particles dont react efficiently. Research such as this can be coupled with other studies regarding single particle combustion to give a more complete picture of how aluminum reacts inately in atmosphere to possibly allow for doping and modifications to take place, resulting in a more useable fuel source.

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